DIGITAL (aka lightning fast) MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE  

I’d love to hear your thoughts right now.  Your thoughts about life.  Your thoughts/questions/suggestions about Conscious River, your favorite quotes (memes), ways we could collaborate, support on how to make this digital oasis more nourishing, fun, and magical for visitors …  your thoughts about … anything =)!

I am available to talk about whatever’s on your mind.  Include a phone number where you can be reached and a few better days and/or times of the day to call.  I only ask that if you find value in our talk(s) that you donate to help me be more of Me =) … to help me bring more of the Inspiration and LOVE that is Conscious River, out of my mind and into our world!!!

Let’s connect!

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*** I check my email about once a day, so needless to say, not exactly “lightning” fast lol ;-), but I will get it.