Love Hugs
A little about me …


I AM Love.

I genuinely care about people and am ever evolving in my capacity to be a mirror for us to see and bring more of our higher selves out of the darkness of our fears and into the light of LOVE!

I originally created Conscious River back in 2006 to share ideas and people who, just about everyone, from every background, religion, ideology, culture, nationality, etc. could identify with … essentially inspirational people who are walking their talk and exposing problems and providing solutions to Human conditions.  This NEW version of the site is and will be that and so much more about being inspired, being an inspiration to others, being Love, and connecting with other LIGHTHOUSES at different points along our path!

I’ve been offering and promoting FREE HUGS, at least once a month, since May of 2010. I am co-admin of the group FREE HUGS Los Angeles as well as organizer of the group FREE HUGS of Pasadena and have become something of a HOPE / FREE HUGS ambassador to anyone ready to give, and HEAL, on this level.  First experience was with a good friend at the Santa Monica Pier =)!   Such a heart expanding experience!  I had something of an epiphany a few years into offering hugs, stemming from the benefit I was getting from being a person Open to standing in public places to offer Anyone a hug … and decided to create a website that points to the healing/hopeful side of this random act of kindness called!  This website was conceived and created to promote the essential healing, immune system boosting, aspect of HOPE in our lives, primarily via opening our hearts to offer FREE HUGS.

I also have a “radio” program on called Our Healing Choices, which I facilitate with others who show up to share, or listen and learn, about a different wellness topic each week. The first program was in April, 2014.  I love what this program represents and what it is becoming!   So grateful!

This scratches the surface of the depth of who I am, as I believe no amount of writing could ever fully describe a person.  I am who I am and am becoming; this website is what it is and is becoming.  In the future, whenever reasonably possible, I will be tapping into the Awesome of visitors, to help evolve this site into more of something we can all identify with and all be proud of =)!

You can join me on my journey here …

Much (( LOVE )) & Gratitude!
-Andrew Ferrera